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Who We Are

Sonic Tools LP, located in Ashland, Virginia, was established in June 2004.

Our mission is to transfer tooling technology, provide concept development, support, and service to the growing demands in various high technology industries. We are able to provide accurate solutions to challenging applications through our strengths in design, manufacturing, and reconditioning of customer specific and specialty tooling.

We focus not only on the tool, but also on the equipment on which the tool will be used. Through in house and field testing of cutting tool geometry, an extensive database of performance parameters is gathered. This essential information is provided to customers resulting in reduced tool changes, machining cost, and aides in the maximization of their machining process.

All tooling is manufactured on state-of-the-art, 5-axis, CNC grinding machines. These machines are built using only the highest accuracy standards and are featured with Sonic Tools grinding technology software that meets our strict accuracy requirements and provides manufacturing capability on the cutting edge.

Company wide quality and consistency are key factors in this competitive market. Our quality system and control are unrivaled in the industry. Quality and repeatability are maintained through the utilization of CNC measuring equipment, precision optical comparators, and high powered microscopes for edge consistency.



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